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Crux is the ecosystem for
tax credit buyers
banks, syndicators, and advisors
to transact and manage transferable tax credits

The ecosystem for developers, tax credit buyers, and financial institutions to transact & manage transferable tax credits.

Crux’s network & tools will help you:

Streamline transactions

Simplify price discovery, diligence, syndication, and contracting

Access a growing market

Connect to new counterparties in our network of developers, tax credit buyers, banks, and syndicators

Reduce risk & increase trust

Manage compliance & reporting with our built-in tools & network of regulatory experts

For developers
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Maximize the value of your tax credits

  • Manage bid collection from existing & new buyers in one place
  • Tap into a network of new tax credit buyers to get the best price for your credits
  • Streamline transactions with diligence management, contract templates, platform integrations, and post-sale reporting workflows
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For tax credit buyers
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Manage your tax liability and achieve your sustainability goals

  • Discover credits from projects and developers in our network 
  • Manage risks through diligence tools, our advisory partner network, and insurance options
  • Access all credit information in one place and minimize administrative overhead
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For banks, syndicators, & advisors
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Scale tax credit syndication efficiently and profitably

  • Use purpose-built workflows to manage transactions and syndication 
  • Connect developers and tax credit buyers in your branded portal
  • Reach new tax credit buyers and developers to maximize revenue
  • Unlock blended tax equity & transferability structures and other innovative offerings
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Insights and news
Five takeaways from IRS Section 48 Investment Tax Credit Draft Guidance
Market News & Insights
November 20, 2023
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5 key takeaways from the release affecting the offshore wind and biogas industries, stand-alone energy storage, and clarifying recapture for the prevailing wage and apprenticeship bonus.

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Clear strategy and good advisors: how to maximize certainty in a tax credit transaction
Transferable Tax Credit Essentials
November 20, 2023
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Issues that routinely arise in the course of transferable tax credit deals and how buyers can strategically mitigate these risks.

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Tax credit investing for individuals: rules on passive activity
Transferable Tax Credit Essentials
November 6, 2023
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Many individuals are interested in participating in the market for clean energy tax credits, both to invest in sustainable energy and manage federal taxes. While individuals can participate in the market, that opportunity is currently limited.

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